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Take Charge

Responsible for all day to day operations.

Lead a team of up to 40 people.

The buck stops with YOU.


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Best of Both Worlds

Lead a team of up to 10.

Work in the field on merchandisers and deliveries as needed.

Communicate. See. Do.

100% in the field, no office work.

Solving problems, offering solutions.


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Route Driver

Great for College Students

This commissioned based position offers high earning potential.

No selling involved, just servicing established customers.

We Want YOU!

Home City Ice has its business down cold. The company manufactures more than 4,400 tons of ice per day in its 28 ice-manufacturing plants. It operates a distribution network made up of 36 centers and a fleet of more than 500 trucks.

Still not convinced?

Why Home City Ice?

The average ice-maker and iceman only dreams about ice like this. here’s why:

The Sedler family took over Home City in 1924 and have slowly but surely grown the company to what it is today. Every customer and every employee matters just like the first. Our History

Most companies have big plants hours apart. Home City Ice made the conscious decision decades ago to invest in smaller plants, closer together. The result? Fewer customers per facility closer to the source of production. More attention, more quickly.

Home City Ice has received more perfect plant inspections than any other ice company in the world. Do you trust where your ice is coming from?

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