We're willing to bet we've thought about ice more than you have. That's because we're passionate about making the healthiest, best tasting ice out there, and we've developed a process that produces cleaner, clearer ice than homemade. Think of our ice as bottled water in a bag!

Water In Water Softener Purification Turbo Ice Maker Ice Sizer Ice Screen Ice Bagger Cold Storage Delivery
  • 1. Water In

    Water enters the system from the source and is immediately filtered by two double carbon filters. Home City ice uses various filtration methods to ensure only pure clean water is used.

  • 2. Water Softener

    Just like in a home, the water softener replaces heavy metals such as calcium and magnesium with sodium, allowing the softened water to flow better through the pipes.

  • 3. Purification

    The water is further filtered and purified through a five micron filter, reverse osmosis, and ultraviolet purification. UV purification is used to destroy germs and bacteria in the water without the use of harsh chemicals, such as chlorine.

  • 4. Turbo Ice Maker

    Inside the turbo ice maker are stainless steel plates. Water cascades down these refrigerated plates, freezing the pure water in motion. The remaining impurities fall off leaving pure frozen water. At the end of the freeze cycle, the unused water is dumped, and new water is introduced for the next cycle.

  • 5. Ice Sizer

    The ice sizer ensures that all chunks of Home City Ice are uniform and ready to be used.

  • 6. Ice Screen

    After the ice has been sized, a lot of "snow" is produced. Snow in a bag of ice is like mortar for bricks. The ice screen removes the ice from the snow keeping it loose and usable for our customers at home.

  • 7. Ice Bagger

    The ice is then immediately packaged and sealed. Through the entire process, Home City Ice is never touched by hand.

  • 8. Cold Storage

    The packaged ice is then moved into a cold storage warehouse, and kept at 10 degrees Fahrenheit all year round.

  • 9. Delivery

    The delivery trucks are loaded in sealed docks attached to the freezer warehouse. The ice will never come in contact with warm air, keeping the product solid and loose.

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