Partnering with Home City Ice you get so much more than an ice supplier, it is a relationship tailored to your ice needs. Find out all the reasons we are the right decision for your business.
Home City Ice isn’t just for retailers. Whether you are placing an ice box at your job site or using it to cool building materials – we have you covered. Learn more about what we have to offer below.
We know that providing your patrons the best quality at the best price is important to you. Home City Ice the quality ice you are looking for and we are here to help should an emergency arise.


Every retailer is unique with different needs from their ice supplier. Home City Ice is here to be a partner, not just another vendor. Read below to learn about our service and the values that make us the best in the business.


Let’s not get hung up on price. What really matters is how much profit you are able to make from your ice sales. We may not be your cheapest option, but our product is the best margin, let us prove it to you.


Home City Ice has been family owned since 1924. Those family values guide how we treat our employees and customers alike. When you work with Home City Ice, you are part of the family.


We understand that a big part of keeping your business humming along like a well-oiled machine is timely and predictable deliveries. At Home City Ice, we pride ourselves on the best delivery and scheduling consistency in the industry.


Home City Ice is making advances in our technology every day. We are constantly evolving our process to enhance the customer experience. This means updating our delivery process, production and account management. Our latest improvements are updating the handhelds used for delivery and the new app.

In Stock

Being stocked and customers happy is important to our company. Our drivers make deliveries weekly to biweekly to assure all of our customers are stocked for all of their business needs. With being a large network company, we are able to truck in ice for different parts of the region when an area is low ensuring that we are always ready for our customers. 

Quality Product

Ice isn’t just ice - we strive to delivery better, colder and cleaner ice. There are many steps we take to provide the best quality product. Our filtration system, with multiple purification processes and freezing from the inside out results in the cleanest ice. Alongside keeping our ice clear, our process eliminates snow in the bags, this results in the best quality product for you to sell to your customers.

In-store ice making

It can be a hassle having to go through the process of making ice. Not only do you have to pay for the bags, the ice machine, maintenance, but also workers to pack the ice. Let us take some of the pressure off by being your ice provider. It will cost you less in the long run by not having to pay for all the little things.

Direct to Store Delivery

Home City Ice uses a dependable direct-store delivery system to help protect the integrity of the product. We know how best to handle a fragile frozen product. There are procedures in place to guarantee you are receiving the best product when you need it. Leave the distribution to us - just one less thing to worry about.

Merchandiser Rental

We supply various different options to provide our customers with any box to fit their requests. Home City Ice will maintain the boxes with any maintenance or replacement needed. If your rental does breakdown and you lose products, a credit for all the lost ice. Your sales person can help you pick the right box and provide you with leasing details.


Whether you need ice in your manufacturing process or need to supply ice to the job site – Home City Ice has you covered. We will work with you to come up with a storage and delivery plan that works best for you.


Sure our ice is meant for consumption, but it is also great for cooling things down at the job site. If you need ice in the process of making something else, Home City Ice is there for you.

  • Weekly/ biweekly deliveries
  • Emergency deliveries
  • Different bag sizes
  • Cooler rentals


We pride ourselves on supplying the best quality product to our customers. We make consistently clean and clear ice that works perfectly for processing and manufacturing other food items.

  • Monthly tested product
  • NSF and IPIA approved
  • Tested for E.coli, bacteria, foreign debris


With Home City Ice you are able to get ice delivered to your site to help keep your team cool on hot summer days! Some things you need to know about our deliveries:

  • Outlet is needed
  • Deliver biweekly/ weekly
  • Flat surface – no grass or gravel
  • Cooler rentals


We make clear, pure ice that is perfect for drinks, we know that your patrons will taste the difference. Plus, our intensive ice making and testing process ensures that Home City Ice is cleaner and more sanitary than restaurant-grade ice maker ice. Just like retailers, restaurants and bars can be put on a weekly or bi-weekly delivery schedule, that way your ice is fresh and you use it as you need it.

When you need ice for an event, we are here to ensure you are prepared for every occasion whether the event is inside or outside. We have options for any size coolers and bags of ice.  All we need from you is a two-week notice and two-hour window for delivery. The box will need to be on a flat surface - no grass or gravel. We are able to deliver halfway through the event in case you run out. 

Home City Ice does not deliver to residents for private events. However, we do deliver to public venues for private events like churches and wedding venues. The minimum amount of ice needed for a delivery is 1,000 lbs. The ice calculator can help estimate how much ice needed for your event. If your amount comes in below 1,000 lbs, you can pick up ice at any plant or local retailer.

If your usual supplier is not available then you can do an anytime delivery or create an account with us. An anytime delivery is an emergency delivery that you are able to receive ice that day or next, but it will be more expensive. We recommend opening a Home City Ice account so that we can offer you the same great service our curent customer enjoy.

We pride ourselves on serving the community especially in times of need. Home City Ice is available in any crisis that may occur. During Hurricane Ike, employees from all over came together with the high demand for ice because of the power outages. We have to get through all and any tough situations together. Our extensive production and delivery network ensures we never run out of ice.

“When we switched to Home City Ice we had low expectations - considering the previous company's service was so lousy. Switching to HCI was the best decision we have ever made. All the employees we have come in contact with have not been just good but EXCEPTIONAL!


"Home City Ice has been a valuable partner in growing our business. The product line is well liked by our customers, and the quality and quantity of ice is up to the mark. Above all, the customer service with home city ice is commendable. We look forward for prosperous years to come with great partnership and valuable service rendered by Home City Ice." -Kamran, Sunoco Green Springs



Brookwood Shell Foodmart

"I highly recommend Home City Ice, for years we had another supplier and over time their service became a nightmare, we have been totally satisfied with Home City Ice and do not hesitate to recommend them." -Brookwood Shell Foodmart.

Want to learn more about getting Home City Ice for your business or event?

Please give us a little more information below to be contacted by a member of our team to discuss pricing, service and timing. We are pleased to be able to deliver to commercial addresses in quantities of 1000lbs or greater. If you need ice at a residential address or less than 1000lbs, please note that below and we will direct you to the nearest retailer or HCI plant for dock pickup.
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